Monday, August 4, 2008

Random Facts

My sister Brittni tagged me, but I don't really have anyone else to tag so if you read my blog and you want to do the tag, but I didn't officially "tag" you, go ahead and do it anyway and just say that it was me. I am supposed to say 6 random things about myself.

1. I think I am the least creative/craftsy/decorating person there ever was. My parents have the home movies to prove it. Here's the scene... I'm 6 or 7 and I"m having a b-day party. My mom made copies of a little ballerina bear for all of us to decorate and she got out sparkles and markers and glue and all of it. Everyone else gets started on their project and the camera zooms in on my face. Terror. What sparkles should I use? Will this color match this color? What if Brooke and Ashley and Trisa and Lisa and Brianne and Channy's are all way cuter than mine and they see how ugly mine is and they don't want to be my friend anymore. Guess who the last person at the table is... :(

2. I made deep fried twinkies last night. It sounds disguisting, but they actually aren't bad. You just roll them in batter, deep fry em, sprinkle some powdered sugar on, add some berry sauce or jam if you like and feed your face. They tasted like a funnel cake with melty vanilla stuff. And they're way healthy. Probably only like 26 points if you're doing Weight Watchers.

3. No matter where I live, I hate to be there. Good roomies, bad roomies, or no roomies I'd rather be anywhere but my own house.

4. I've never been stung by a bee, but I did get stung by a sting ray last summer.

5. When I read the Twilight books I did not fall in love with Edward. I know... I know... I've been repenting and hopefully I'll be able to take the sacrament again next week. I had a very hot visual of him in my head, (until they cast that Harry Potter guy for the Mooovie) but he was just too know it all, smarty pants for me. I guess if you've been around for hundreds of years you probably do know it all, but still.

6. I must be clothes concious because it seems like I always remember what I wearing on certain days. These are some days when I know exactly what I was wearing: *the day I bought my car *the day I met Derrick *the day I got my wisdom teeth out *the 2nd time I ate sushi *the last time I went country dancing with Kelsey... I could go on, but all of these days range from 1-7 years ago. Is that weird?