Saturday, June 29, 2013

Is it really almost July???!!!

What a crazy year! I want to apologize to my faithful readers because of my blogging absence. I'm not the best at it now that I don't have 8 hours a day, 5 days a week to kill at a mind numbing job! I really do love blogging and I feel like my creativity and spelling smartness are going downhill, so I would love to say that I'm reinstating blackchicken-honey, but I just can't make that promise. I'll do my best though! 

It's crazy to think that 18 months ago I was as big as Shamu. I know I should probably have more kids, but I'm feeling very selfish and I'm just not in the mood to grow a fetus because:  A - it's tough work, B - I'm a wuss, and C- Eva NEVER STOPS! Holy crap, that girl has energy! I just can't explain it. Everyone who babysits her has a hard time keeping up, so it's comforting to know that I'm not the only one who struggles. And, I've had about a million comments about how "busy" she is. Do you think "busy" is another way to say "get your child under control, you crappy mom!" We do love her  a butt load though. Are you ready for a picture overload?

This is the face she makes every time we put sunglasses on her. "Sup, dudes?"

She just looked so tiny and curled up this night. I didn't really capture the cuteness of it, but just take my word for it.

Orphan Eva, before her first haircut and after some oreos.

Helping dad

Who needs dolls? She loves her electronics! Remotes, phones, keyboards. anything with buttons.

Her favorite place to take a rest.

She thinks her camping chair is the shiz!

Anything that can go around her neck is pretty to her. A couple days ago this was her necklace of choice.

And, here she is modeling her mermaid jammies and her breakfast banana. I love how she always crosses her legs in her high chair!

She makes me laugh, and want to tear my hair out, and smile, and almost curl up in a ball and cry every day. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

I love the internet.

Confession: I HATE to do dishes. I loathe the dishes. I would rather scrub a million dirty toilets than do the dishes. And, I swear they never stop. Even if I don't cook anything all day, I have to start the dishwasher at least once. How I lived, like, 2 years without a dishwasher is beyond me. I raise my dish-washed glass to the Amish. You go!

 So, anyway. I will always occasionally let my pans soak in the sink for a night or two.... (or five).
 And then, this happens.

Yeah, you can judge me. I'm filthy. I'm a filthy, filthy girl. I need a spanking. 

I used to just live with these stupid rust rings in my sink, waiting until they would disappear. Until one day I Googled (really spell check, "googled" isn't a word? Get with the times!) "How to get rust stains out of a white sink" and the Google God's introduced me to:

Talk about a poisonous, fume filled, little miracle in a bottle. I love it! Now, as you can see, just a couple little squirts on the rust spots and.... wait for it...

The stains are pretty much gone! No scrubbing. Like I said, a poisonous miracle, right?! 

Then, I just do a little touch up with my bald BF, Mr. Clean and his Magic Eraser (this post has me wondering if I'm slowly killing us with all the chemicals I put in my kitchen sink) and the sink now shines like the top of the Chrysler building! Name that show. I will give you $1.

I hope my little tip helps all you d!rty girls out there!

And because no blog of mine is complete w/o a little Diva action, here you go!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Update on the Darling Diva

Guess what this post is going to be about. I'll wait..... ok, I'll give you the answer. 

I usually sit on the computer while she is cries herself to sleep for her afternoon nap. Just to make sure the whining doesn't turn into blood curdling screams and self induced vomiting. I decided today that I would dedicate a little post to her. So, here goes!

* She turned one at the end of December

* She still LOVES the Lion King, nothing else can touch it. 

* She loves to read. Sometimes she'll just lay on her back with a book propped up in the air with her hands, flip the pages, and talk to herself. Adorbs!

* She's not a big talker. She says, mama, dada, hello, and up. She also says ca ca. I thought it was just a baby word for gross, but Derrick let me know that it's the S word in Spanish. Who needs Dora when you have an awesome bilingual parent like me?

* Maybe she is so quiet because she is ALWAYS busy making messes  

*She is really weird about food right now. She will refuse to eat what she LOVED the day before. Then, I'll put her down and she'll eat ANYTHING that she can find on the floor. It's a daily struggle. I'll probably just start putting her meals down there. She never fights me with yogurt and chicken noodle soup though. Oh, and as the next picture will tell you she doesn't fight me with chocolate either.

*She is getting to be a pretty good walker, but would still rather crawl.

* Her favorite toys are our phones. She holds everything up to her ear and pretends it's a phone. It's totally presh!

*She gives high fives, shakes her head no, puts her hands up for "touchdown", still gives the best open mouth slobber kisses, and still loves to cuddle. 

That is all for today! Until next time peeps.