Thursday, January 31, 2013

Update on the Darling Diva

Guess what this post is going to be about. I'll wait..... ok, I'll give you the answer. 

I usually sit on the computer while she is cries herself to sleep for her afternoon nap. Just to make sure the whining doesn't turn into blood curdling screams and self induced vomiting. I decided today that I would dedicate a little post to her. So, here goes!

* She turned one at the end of December

* She still LOVES the Lion King, nothing else can touch it. 

* She loves to read. Sometimes she'll just lay on her back with a book propped up in the air with her hands, flip the pages, and talk to herself. Adorbs!

* She's not a big talker. She says, mama, dada, hello, and up. She also says ca ca. I thought it was just a baby word for gross, but Derrick let me know that it's the S word in Spanish. Who needs Dora when you have an awesome bilingual parent like me?

* Maybe she is so quiet because she is ALWAYS busy making messes  

*She is really weird about food right now. She will refuse to eat what she LOVED the day before. Then, I'll put her down and she'll eat ANYTHING that she can find on the floor. It's a daily struggle. I'll probably just start putting her meals down there. She never fights me with yogurt and chicken noodle soup though. Oh, and as the next picture will tell you she doesn't fight me with chocolate either.

*She is getting to be a pretty good walker, but would still rather crawl.

* Her favorite toys are our phones. She holds everything up to her ear and pretends it's a phone. It's totally presh!

*She gives high fives, shakes her head no, puts her hands up for "touchdown", still gives the best open mouth slobber kisses, and still loves to cuddle. 

That is all for today! Until next time peeps.