Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Ghost, In the Kitchen, With an AntiKnockUpressant!!

Ummm ok this is gonna be weird, but I just gotta get it out there.
This is my birth control

Yes it still works, no I'm not pregnant.
BUT see how the last Monday of the month is missing...
Yeah that's how I found it on Monday night.


And notice, when I take out a pill the clear plastic is
dented, but there is no dent in the plastic
on the missing Monday.

Now there is no logical explination for this that I can
even fathom.

So here's what I've come up with...

1. Someone stole it.
Not likely, but I guess it could happen.
Maybe someone thought it was
like a morning after pill

2. It's a sign from above.
I'm supposed to skip that pill, become a
baby mama to Derrick,
and a boob slave to my posterity, but
you'd think if that were the case it would just
happen on it's own.
Like Mary the virgin child...
except it'd be like
Ashley the married skank

3. A ghost took it.
which would be pointless because
don't girl ghosts know they can't get
pregnant because boy ghosts have
(yeah it's a Halloween joke we used to tell in
high school and it just never gets old.)

This is the one I'm sticking with.
because I believe in ghosts and
I think the evil ones are out to destroy my life.

So when I go to the pharmacist begging him for
a free Monday pill what story makes me
sound the least crazy?

1...2... or 3...
We shall see!