Thursday, May 28, 2009

The "Grand" Engagement

Day One

We got off work and went to eat at the best China place on the planet!

Then we started driving...
I couldn't stay awake fer nothin!
I think Derelict was feeling the same way too, so we stopped
in the Fillmore Beaver area and got a hotel.
And that was day one.

Day Two
We wake up way too early and start driving some more.

And then "in the twinkling of an eye"
We were at Kolob Canyon of Zions National Park.

Not much to do here, but drive. It's beautiful though.
Even Derrick can appreciate it's natural beauty.

Here he is... touching the butt crack.

After Kolob Canyon we drove down to Zions

and had lunchy at Oscar's Cafe.

It was so stinkin cute there!

We got some awesome sandwhiches with sweet potato french fries.

I was in heaven.

Then we got ready to go on the scariest/longest hike of my life.
Here I am about to pee my pants cuz we are going to climb to
the top of that freakin mountain.

I got whooping cough a few years ago and I would cough so hard
that I would throw up. Like, with no warning.

One time I was driving in crazy traffic in Orem to get my oil changed. It was seriously taking me a half hour to drive 10 miles.

I started coughing and


Puked all over myself.
Needless to say, I was pissed.
Anyway ever since then, when I reach the point of overexertion
I dry heave like crazy.

So... here we are about an hour into the hike
after a massive dry heave spell.
This hike is nuts.
You get to the point where the drop offs are so crazy that they have a
chain going up the rest of the mountain that you can hang on to.
Grown men have gone off of the cliffs and fallen
over a thousand feet.
And I saw people with five year olds doing this hike.
What is wrong with people!

We finally made it to the top!
It was worth it, but I won't be doing it again for a
long freakin time.
We saw this butterfly on our hike down.

We were hammered so we only hiked around a little bit more.

It was a fun day.

Day 3
We woke up way too early again and
we made it to the Grand Canyon.

We went to a place in the trees
and that's where Derrick proposed.

Our Sacred Grove

It was perfect. He got down on one knee, I said yes,
we hugged, I jumped up down like a little girl,
we made out in the great outdoors,
text everyone and their dog, took some more pics,
drove through Zions one more time,
and headed home on Monday morning!

Bring on the wedding planning Madness!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I've Been Knocked Up.

Yup, I can't suck it in anymore.
My hands are kind of in the way.
I thought it would add emphasis, but it really just covers it up.

We couldn't be more excited to be having a little bundle of joy!

And if you look really closely on that left hand you'll see...

We're Engaged!!

{I'm not really prego. I just ate a HUGE burrito.}

Stay tuned for the trip/engagement deets

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Freakin Out Man

K, I'm going on a mini personal vaca tonight
and I haven't even packed.
I get off work at 6:00 and I take my lunch at 3:00
so for lunch I am packing.

I haven't packed because
I have no idea where I am going,
So I have no idea what the crap to pack.

Derrick told me to tell all my jobs that I can't work this weekend
and to pack 3 or 4 changes of clothes and that
he will drive all night tonight and when I wake up tomorrow
we will have arrived at our destination.
That's all the info I have.

Where are we going?!

I'll go total granola on his A
no razor =
braided armpit hair=
never going surprise camping again. Ever.

Can you just picture me here?
Posing for pics, Sipping Coladas,
Sucking my guts in so hard that my
eyes are about to explode out of my head.
Complete Bliss.
Ah, home sweet home for Ho Bags like me.
Huh Nat?! :)

I think he plans on knocking me out
because there's no way I'm going to be able to sleep.
And if he plans on knocking me out... I could get left for dead.

If my body is ever found,
my only request is that someone sings
"Another One Bites the Dust" at my funeral.

I love and will miss you all.
(Even those of you who "hate" me, but read my blog anyway)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Funniest Ever

I could watch this everyday and never get tired of it.
Plus the one totally looks and acts like Derrick which makes it even better.

Happy Mothers Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Say Something Crazy...Like You're Wearing Ladies Underwear"

Today is a monumental day. In my almost 4 years experience as a massage therapist I have never seen what I saw today.

This guy came in for an hour massage. Then after about 20 minutes he said he was very impressed and wanted to know if he could extend his massage to 90 minutes.
So I thought, well since I have extra time I'll work on his glutes a.k.a booty.
{Don't judge me. It's not like I rub the butt cleavage. Just the fleshy cheeky part.}

So I go to undrape one butt cheek and low and behold the dude is wearing black meshy see through bikini underwear! It was almost a thong.

I could barely control the peals of laughter that were about to make my gut rupture.

:) It was a good day.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm Ready for My Spankings!


I have a totally awesome day planned.

I'm working at one job from 8-6

And then I'm working at another job from
7-whenever people stop coming in for massages!


I can't even handle it.

So anyway I need 23 good hard smacks on the bum today.

Not so hard that it makes my butt swollen so I can't fit in my pants,
but hard enough that I giggle cuz it stings a little.