Sunday, September 28, 2014


These were my New Years resolutions:

* Get skinnier thighs
(Have you heard all that thunder lately? That's just me walking to the kitchen for more food)

* Blog at least 2x a month
(have you kept up?)  

* Don't get on the internet until Eva goes down for a nap
(I did pretty good with this until I got an iPhone. I should try again.)

* Read more books

* Finish reading the Book of Mormon
 (haven't even started)

*Get a new hairstyle. Ugh, I need serious help here!
 (I got a tiny ombre and bangs this year. That counts, right?)

* Go on vacation somewhere I've never been before
(Derricka and I went to San Francisco, but I got the flu and puked the whole time. I guess I'd never been to that hotel before.)

*Throw/give away 100 things.
(I actually think this has happened)

*Make a weekly cleaning schedule and stick to it.
(Hahahaha, I am sooooo funny!)

*Use my sewing machine
(Still laughing)

Some of these are still attainable, but others are like really? I must have been way high on life. 

I am getting stoked for Fall/Halloween/Christmas. Why does everything have to cost money? I can barely afford my bills and a gallon of milk, let alone all the cutesy crafty stuff I want to do. Not to mention I still have a house to decorate, a basement to finish and a yard to put in. I'll just have to limit it to like one or two projects per holiday per year. Then, when I am 75 my holidays and home will be completely cutesy... and then I'll have to move into a nursing home. Then I'll star in an Alanis Morissette song. Isn't it ironic... Don't ya think?

I just figured out If I try one thing on my Pinterest once a week and never pin again it will take me 85 years.

Eva is still adorable just in case you were wondering. She is getting to be a lot easier. We had a rough couple years, but right now things are good! But I am also starting to dread the winter months. What the heck do you do all day? Especially when you are an only child? I'm just not that fun and I don't have that much energy. I'm basically a sloth these days. Gosh, I should have been born a cat. I am going to sign us up for fall swimming lessons so that should give us something to look forward to a couple of times a week. 

Well, anyway summer was good to us. Here are some pitchers.

Eva drew this face all by herself. I was totally impressed. There are eyes, a nose and a hat.

We have a load of topsoil in the front yard that the neighbor kids and Eva have loved to play on. (I'm sure the adult neighbors love it too. It looks way classy.)

Derrick's parents' dog broke a mom duck's wing, so she crawled into a window well and called for her ducklings and these guys showed up. We adopted them ducks for like two days. They never stopped pooping and I have enough of that to clean up so sadly Af and Lac had to go.

Eva had Taylor and Rylee over for their first sleepover. We (I) filled up the pool with hot water from the kitchen sink so they could hot tub on the deck. It only took an hour.

Rylee wasn't having it. She just wanted to sit in a towel and she wasn't even wet. Silly girl. 

Watching a show, munchin  on popcorn.

Three little monkeys jumpin on the bed!

Taylor came into my room and flipped on the light at like 3 in the morning (talk about a jump start) and said... "Um, Ashaley I'm ready to be awake now."

The next day we went to the splash pad. Eva likes it there, but there are also swings there and she would much rather do that. Too bad pushing a swing doesn't get you huge guns. I'd be ripped after this summer! T and R weren't too sure. Papa Don and Grammy came. Grammy brought Cheetos and helped me wrestle the children and Papa Don even took them through the water! Grandma Babe came too, but it was a little windy so she just watched from her car.... #hairprobs 



Rylee Roo. Totally dry... probably asking for a towel :)

Rub a dub dub. I waterlogged these children.

It was fun, but exhausting at the same time. I told Brittni if I heard "Um, Ashaley?" one more time that my head would explode. I really don't know how my sister does it. (WITHOUT MEDICATION!) In case you didn't know, my sister has a 6 year old, 3 year old twin girls, and one year old twins (boy and girl). That's 5 kids in a little less than six years and only three pregnancies. She's what scientists call a freak of nature. 

Eva painted a lot. Mostly on her body. Must be the Native American coming out in her.

And about once a week she would (will) just paint with what was in her diaper. 

We potty trained. This is the look of surprise/success. :) Adorable!

We put on makeup with Aunty Amb.

And we grocery shopped at the house a lot. In our high heels and tiny panties, of course! Future People of Walmart star right here!

We had one slushy. She loves crushed ice out of the freezer, but would only have a couple bites of this. Little weirdo. I got cotton candy flavor. I mean... who could resist?

We rode other people's toys. And went to Bear Lake once. What a fun day! Eva is my little water baby.

This is Derrick. He is part of the family too :)

We took lots of selfies. Those are the only pictures she doesn't yell at me for taking and will actually pose for.

 And that was pretty much summer. Oh and I binge watched all 6 seasons of Gossip Girl.

Until next time!

 xoxo bloggy girl.