Monday, April 23, 2012

The Freakin Weekend

Here's The Cute, The Good, The Wonderful, The Awesome, The Bad, The Ugly, and the Terrible.... And a weird dream story.

The Cute - Eva's hair. She has some rough weekends.

The Good - Eva rolled over from her front to her back like a bajillion times. She did it twice back in January, but hasn't since. This is her "I know how to get 'er done" face.

 The Wonderful - Derrick got to spend the whole weekend with us! That literally hasn't happened since I calved in the hospital. We got to take naps, and eat dinner together, go on a drive, and hang with some friends. That might sound lame to you, but it was neato to me.  

The Awesome -  I finally won something on Ebay! I've been trying forev, but freakin' fetchers keep outbidding me! It's a swimsuit for Eva. Brand new for $7.60. Woop!

The Ugly - Eva has acid reflux. I got done feeding her yesterday, picked her up and kissed her cuteness. She totally threw up in my mouth. It was absolutely disgusting. I had baby puke in my mouth, running down my chin, in my hair, everywhere! On the plus side, it wasn't chunky and breast milk doesn't taste too bad! No pictures of this disaster. Sorry.

The Terrible - We talked to one of our future neighbors and he told us he killed seven rattlesnakes last year. That's right SEVEN RATTLESNAKES. He said one was four feet long and had eleven rattles. I'm skurred. 

The Dream - This didn't happen this weekend, but I thought it was worth sharing since rattlesnakes are obviously going to plague my existence. Ever since my boobies started making milk I can feel little vibrations in them. Well, one night I dreamed that I swallowed two rattlesnakes and they both slithered into each boob. Then, when they would shake their rattles that's what would make my boobs vibrate. WTFreak right?! So weird. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blog Revival!!!


Having a baby is rough.
I'm talking kick you in the crotch rough.
And that's pretty much literal depending on which way you deliver.

So, please excuse the lack of blogging, because apparently I'm not the type who can just "bounce back". I still have a hard time making it to the grocery store before 5:00 and Eva is three months old!

 It seriously took me two days to write this. Bla. I'm in a writing rut. Let's see some pictures that prove I have birthed a Diva.

Exhibit A: She was born with highlights.

Exhibit B: She poses herself when she sleeps.

Exhibit C: She tans.

Exhibit D: She knows how to be dramatic

Exhibit D: She clutches her binki holder like a purse.

And Exhibit E: Here she is practicing for her debut in the chubby version of Dirty Dancing.

"Nobody puts baby in a corner"