Monday, February 10, 2014

Birthday Girl

How does someone change from this:

To this:

In just two years?? :( How sad.

Eva's actual birthday was actually pretty crappy. She had croup and it was beyond scary! One minute she would be fine and the next she would be gasping for air. I hated it! Here are some pretty dang sad pictures of the birthday girl.

See that big old scratch on her face in the first picture? That was because when I went to InstaCare for her breathing treatment they left me in there all alone to hold the mask on her face and hold her down. Um, do they think I am secretly an octopus? I wonder if they would have been shocked to find out that I only have two arms! Poor Eva was terrified and fought me the whole time which resulted in her gouged little face.  

And don't even get me started on the incompetence of the THREE doctors we saw in 24 hours! The first doctor said it was a just a little cold and to come back if she didn't feel better in TEN days. What the fudge word? I paid $100 for that?! I could kill someone. 

The second doctor actually diagnosed it as croup and gave us a steriod. I have a nebulizer (breathing machine) for my asthma and when I asked him if I could use it on Eva and he said it wouldn't make a difference. And then he told us to "Get out of here." Like Eva was the most disgusting child with an illness he had ever seen. Still debating whether or not I should call the clinic and make a big deal out of that. What do you think?

The third doctor was actually helpful and gave me a prescription, but I had to ask for it. So, if your kid ever gets croup here is a tip, ask for a prescription for a nebulizer and some Albuterol. I probably gave Eva 10 treatments and if I hadn't had it I guarantee we would have ended up in the ER more than once. 

Eva eventually quit fighting us when she figured out that the breathing treatments made her feel better and the poor thing even started asking for them!

We had her party a couple of weeks later. Every time someone would knock on the door she would run to see who it was and after she saw her visitors she would scream and jump and run in circles like a maniac! I guess we need more company over here.

Derrick and I gave her a Cabbage Patch baby that looks like she did when she was a baby. Eva is a first time mom and she's having a hard time adjusting. Sometimes she loves little Harlow Karina and sometimes she wants nothing to do with her. I just keep telling her that postpartum can be rough and she'll eventually get the hang of it.

The Jensen's got her a little toaster, The Freeze's got her a Disney Princess sing-a-long movie, Gma and Gpa Bodine gave her some new books, Gma and Gpa Anderson are getting her a kid size table and chairs, and Aunt Shaela got her a magnadoodle. She loves it all!

 This was our most successful family picture for the evening. My house is a disaster, but give me a break. I just had, like, 25 people over! Okay, it's a disaster even when people aren't over, but that will be my excuse for this picture.

After mostly everyone had gone home Eva experienced her first post birthday party hangover. First, she dragged my rug underneath the light and just laid on it for, like, 15 minutes.

Then, she decided to put her underwear on her head and run around like a cray cray for about ten minutes.

Then, it got really quiet and I couldn't see her anywhere. She was just under the tramp recouping.

To sum up she is doll face and we love having a two year old, even though just a few hours ago, I found her butt freaking naked in her crib with pee all over her sheets. Sorry, no pics of that pervy pervs!

And just in case you aren't sick of reading about my kid here is a little picture I made to help me remember what she is like as a two year old. 

Photo courtesy of my fabulous cousin @ Amber Honey Photography


Sandra said...

What an adorable blog from start to finish. So glad she is feeling better. That stuff is soooooo scary. And yes, by all means, you should call and talk to a manager at that clinic. Who says get out of here to a mom with a sick child.
Her birthday looks fun. I'm so glad you could talk her through postpartum. To Funny. Amber lover her cabbage patch dolls. Mindy and Cindy. She was going through some stuff under the stairs a few weeks ago and she came across them. She was so happy to see them. Point of story, make sure you keep them for her. You know I love that Eva!

Brittni said...

Reading this I had a smile on my face through the whole thing! I freaking love that little girl.

Brittni said...

I wasn't smiling through the sickie part. Saddest pictures ever!

Kim said...

I love that little Diva. She is an original. That's no doubt. Cute, cute blog. You and she will cherish if forever.

Amber Duffey said...

I loved my cabbage patch dolls! I went everywhere with them! I love that little girl cutest blog ever!

Angela said...

So, so cute! Gotta love the Diva :) said...

Really cute girls our great wish with her may she have really healthy life so she can enjoy the happiness of life

Academic Conferences 2017 said...

Wow, she looks adorable, happy birthday to little princess, may you have many more like this.