Thursday, April 10, 2014

Goodbye March and winter

Wow, what a stupid, sucky month March is. It's like all sunny and beautiful looking outside and then you go out there and your nipples could poke someones eye out! Plus, we were sick ALL MONTH LONG!! Flu, sinus infections, colds... this picture pretty much sums it up.

 So, on to April! I hope you are nice to us :) Here are some winter pictures that I am too lazy to individually post about. This is mostly a post for me to keep memories, so if you are bored #sorrynotsorry

Christmas cuteness. Eva got her very own makeup set because I thought it would help keep her out of mine. She likes it, but has eaten half of it and still prefers the real thing.

Eva had an awesome cardboard condo to play in for a couple of months. Everyone who reads this, NEVER throw away a big box. I will drive 1000 miles to come get it from you. This was the best entertainment ever!

Ever since Eva could crawl she has loved to put stuff over her eyes (blankets, hats, sheets, her shirt) and try to walk around. One day she is going to get seriously injured, but for now she just cracks herself up.

Snow fun! She LOVED promontory snow day. She would hunt Papa Don down to take her for a ride. She also loves to just eat it. All winter I would frequently catch her eating snow off my tires and in parking lots. And I wonder why we are always sick! I loved promontory snow day too. Angela and I were dumbfounded that outside in winter could be fun. I also discovered that my winter weight gain + Griffen can tip over a snowmobile. How EMBARRASSING! And my dad is a crazy psycho sled driver. I'm surprised I don't have frostbite face after going on a ride with him.

That is all for tonight folks! Love you, bye!


Kim said...

Eva is a doll and you're funny.
Ya little nut.

Brittni said...

Fun pictures!! I'm glad that you found some enjoyment in the cold months of winter. Bring on summer!!

Keri said...

You make me laugh! Cute pics! Eva is a crack up! Hmmm wonder where she gets that from? :)

Sandra said...

Adorable as always. I loved everyone of them. So cute putting on makeup with dad and checking herself out in the mirror.